Monday, May 22, 2017

"Pass it on week" for All Thingz Sewn

 In the past post I shared the problems on the purchase of my Dream Quilter 15. Thanks to those of you for your suggestions.  The  shop I bought my mid arm  from has finally come to my aid.  I was finally able to reach the owner and she was upset as to how this happened.  I now have some classes coming up and have received replacement parts and a tech is coming to correct some mistakes that were made in setting up the machine and table.  I was also given a 10 percent credit of the purchase amount to put towards any future purchases.  I'm thinking software. I think this was an isolated event. They have smoothed some ruffled feathers.

Now onto the finished quilts for Hands2Help.  I was able to finish two quilts.  I questioned the red white and blue one.  As I mentioned in the last post it is a vintage top I acquired it at a consignment store and really liked it. I ask several of the ladies in our guild if it was something they would like to receive and they said yes. So I sent it.  These are going to Camp Hobe for children with cancer and to Happy Chemo for adults.

 I mailed out some pet mats to a no kill shelter in St Louis for displaced pets after the storms they had lately.  These people will let you know when and where there is a specific need.

I still have a couple of weeks to make a few more dresses before the missionary leaves. He goes two or three times a year.

We are finally having pretty weather here, hope you are doing the same.

I will be sharing at:

Hugs and Blessings

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Up date on Hands 2 Help/1st time free motion

Hi All,
I'm finishing the binding on this today.  The quilting doesn't show up to well on the front, but since I'm not too good at it yet, that may be a good thing.

With the red white and blue , I thought the stars and stripes would be ok.  Maybe for a veteran?

I'm hoping to finish the quilting on this jelly roll quilt this weekend.  I'm just hoping the bobbin thread lasts until it's finished.  I haven't figured out how to change it yet.

I sure wish I had someone who knew how to use this machine.  It would save me a lot of time and frustration.   But I shall conquer in the end.

Hugs and Blessings

Friday, April 21, 2017

Hands 2 Help/my new baby

I would like to introduce you to  "Bonnie".  The newest member of my sewing family.  Isn't she a sweetie?
Now I know she isn't as large or sophisticated as some as your ladies but this little girl fits in just perfectly at my place.  I think we will be great play pals.  Bonnie was named after a dear friend of mine that introduced me to quilting.

Now onto the "Hands 2 Help"  update on my choice of quilts.  This is a vintage top I was thinking would be good for a veteran to use as a lap throw.  But now that I look at the picture
I think that maybe it is a little to dull and has a couple places with a little discoloration.  I'm going to quilt the stars and stripes in off white and still looking for the binding.  I'll show it again when finished and you all can tell me what you think.  I'm leaning towards just keeping it as my first quilt on Bonnie though.

Most of  you have met Maggie,  (faking sleep).  The moment I turned my back to get the camera,

Yep, you guessed it.  So this will have to be washed before shipping.   You never know  who has an allergy to cats.
I think I'm just going to put pink heart quilting in the solid Blocks.  Keep it simple.

Now who can resist that sweet kitty, but I'm telling ya, just try and scratch that belly.
I still have another quilt I want to try to get done just in case the vintage top doesn't work out well.
Guess I had better go and get busy.

Hope this finds everyone well and getting along with their quilting.
Hugs and blessings

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Hands 2 Help Challenge 2017

This challenge is hosted by Sarah Craig and here is a tiny part of her message. 

Hi, all 

Things are all falling into place for this year's Hands2Help challenge!  I'm so excited to get this started! 

2017 represents the seventh year of the challenge. We have had an amazing six years.......

2011: 47 quilters made 60 quilts

2012: 55 quilters made 94 quilts

2013: 65 quilters made 127 quilts

2014: 70 quilters made 145 quilts

2015: 67 quilters made 147 quilts

2017: 104 quilters made 194 quilts

I can't wait to see what the seventh year has in store for us.

So let's begin!

We would love for you to join us in this Challenge.
Either click on the badge in my sidebar or the link below for all information.
And many prizes too.


I have chosen two Charities for the challenge this year.
Here is the fabric I have chosen for The Happy Chemo quilt.

I'm going to try and make one for the children  at Camp Hobe.  I intending to use denim and
bright children prints from my scrappy stash.  So I have some playtime coming up with choosing
a pattern and enough sizeable fabric.

Hope to see you at the challenge.

Hugs and Blessings

Monday, January 23, 2017

Cleaning out the sewing room "Giveaway"

Going to make this short.  I went back to work on Nov 28. (training)  Started on Dec 9th.  Shop sold that week.  Been working a lot of hrs. but slowing down finally. I told Kroger I only wanted 15 to 20 hrs and have been working about 34 to 36 hrs.

A few of you know there have been some issues in my marriage of 37 yrs.(?)  It has gotten a little bit better and I'm looking at it with more of an christian attitude. Still praying.

I'm getting rid of a lot of unnecessary stress that I am putting on myself.  I have always been the I can do it type of person and have finally decided....No I Can't!  Get off the Merry Go Round.  Let go,  the more of myself I give to God the more he takes care of.

New year, new attitude and new life.

Which brings me to the giving away of lace, ribbon, zippers, blanket binding, buttons and stuff.  I also have some quilting magazines I'm ready to let go, realizing I'll never make these quilts.  I have purse patterns and apron patterns I have never used.  And the list goes on.  I hope to have everything pulled out by this weekend and packed in a couple of boxes.   If any of you are interested in receiving a box of "stuff" leave me a comment stating such and I'll get back to you for an address. Here is the lace I have found today.  And a few of the books so far.

What you don't want pass it onto someone else.

I have not been on line since the end of November.  Hope this finds everyone well.  By God's grace I'm now back and will be able to visit with you all again.  
Hugs and Blessings

Friday, December 30, 2016

Santa Sack Swap

I want to thank Cheryll@ for the work of  having the Santa swap.  This is the only thing that kept me sewing (though sporadically) this summer. Selina@ made a fantastic swap partner.  She has become a friend which is even better, we converse on the phone occasionally and did so while opening our presents.  That added to the enjoyment of opening my lovely  gifts as each item was wrapped separately making it it a guessing game too.  I was being a good girl and hadn't even opened the box when Selina called, in fact I was in bed reading.  So I did not get photos of the wrapped items.

The pretty tin with chocolates was a huge  temptation to me.  I ate the two caramels and gave the rest to my DH.  He was a little jealous of all my pretties anyway.

I want to show that what I thought was some sort of netting at first is actually window screening. What a great idea, much sturdier.

There is also screening on the bottom giving it more uses than an regular tote.  I'm thinking veggies and fruits when shopping at the haymarket. Or even for the day at the beach for the wet swimsuits to get more air and sand goes right through so you won't be carting it in the house.

The Red work is so sweet on the little pillow and bird ornament below.  These both went on my shelf over my bed.

I enjoyed my festive placemats with matching coasters.  Selina also gave me a set of the templates she used so I can make other goodies. 

The placemats and coasters were reversible giving them double the use. 

I also received hand embossed all occasion cards.  I like sending notes and card so these will be used.
To me snowmen are not necessarily Christmas, so these will be sent this winter too.

I'm slowly switching to  fabric gift bags and this lovely zippered pouch will be gratefully added to my collection.  I figure if all the paper waste can be left to be gotten rid of by me, that they can also leave the reusable fabric bags. 

And last but not least, Selina also designed  me a personal Christmas Card.  It even has some hand stitching on it as well.  She is one talented lady with a large
 giving heart, who went above and beyond to see that I had a fantastic Santa swap.

Salina, I'm truly thankful we were matched up and have become friends.  Thank you 

May the Lord show you his favor and give you his peace.
                                                          NUMBERS 6:26

I'm praying everyone reading this has a safe and blessed new year.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Some Good news! and A Question?

Morning All,
After retiring two years ago , we have finally received a contract on selling the shop.   We are negotiating the price now.  We have lost about 40,000 dollars on the building that is paid for but is still costing us about 400.00 a month for taxes, ins. and utilities.  The best news is that we won't continue to lose money every month and we won't have to pay capital gain and can claim loss.  At least that's what I'm being told at this time.

Another bit of good news, Kroger has finally called me to start work.  Gotta do what a girl's gotta do.
Hopefully it's only about 20 hrs per week.  After bills are straightened out it will be sewing money. Yeah!

Well,  I didn't finish my OMG last month, but I did get the embroidery 99% done.  I picked out the fabric for the quilted edging from my stash.  I also changed my choice of the frame.  Now my question for you is should I stain it darker color?  Or paint it.  What would your choice of color be if that is the case.  And would you cover it with glass?

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Blessing and Hugs,